Cancun International Ballet Festival

An artistic celebration of young and professional talent coming together through the beauty of ballet

Festival Internacional de Ballet de Cancún

Bringing together dance students from different nationalities and exposing them to new performance experiences, as well as creating opportunities for young talents to widen their artistic careers are some of the main goals of this Festival. 

Master classes, lectures, participants performances and a closing Gala with professional dancers take place at this event, all with the brilliant presence of guests representing prestigious dance schools searching for scholarship candidates.

A great chance to give life to the arts and ensure the future of ballet around the world.



Right on the southeast corner of the Mexican territory, the Caribbean city of Cancún is host of millions of tourists every year, with one of the most developed  touristic infrastructure all over the world, an international airport with great connectivity and all kinds of accommodations, this is the ideal spot for such a Festival.


Many events take place in Cancún, and it is not an uncommon thing for people to stay a few more days after this events are over. So many things to do and see around!


Sitting between the beach and the Nichupté lagoon, right in the heart of the Hotel Zone, Teatro de Cancún has been the venue for most of the big international shows in the city. It has a capacity of eight hundred people and is very easy to reach from anywhere in the touristic area.


Teatro de Cancún opens its doors to the Cancun International Ballet Festival, where master classes, lectures, presentations and Closing Gala take place to make it as simple as it gets for every one involved in the event.

Ballet Clásico Cancún

Created in 2010, with a Cuban-based ballet technique and awards in renowned competitions around the world, Ballet Clásico Cancún has become the city´s go-to choice for the focused and disciplined ballet students. 

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